for easily calculating greyboard & lining for your boxes & CARTONNAGE DESIGNS

These calculators will save you time and money in your creative business!

With these calculators you can easily calculate greyboard and lining for different box designs and a folio

You fill in the thickness of the greyboard, the length, width and height - in mm, cm or inches -

and it calculates everything else

You'll receive the link to download the excel file that you can use time after time


You can buy a calculator for a:

box with fitted lid

box with hinged lid

box with magnetic closure



You can choose from four calculator packages

You'll receive a discount if you order two or more calculators


Prices are inclusive of VAT 

The very nature of these calculators mean that they are non returnable,

and as such, no refunds will be given





Please indicate at checkout the calculators you want to buy with package 1-3



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