LEARN HOW TO MAKE a BOX, folio or portfolio in just a few steps

The courses consist of

an instruction book with pictures and instructions of all the steps (English, pdf)

instruction videos (YouTube)

lifetime support & feedback via email


No previous experience with cartonnage is necessary to follow these courses.


€ 169 | $ 185 | £ 150 per course


Prices are exclusive of VAT if applicable (EU)

instruction book & videos


Below you see an example of a page of the instruction book (pdf) and video (YouTube) from the course box with fitted lid.

Each step with a photo and a few instructions.

The book is complementary to the instruction videos.



 A box with a fitted lid has a lid that fits perfectly in the tray and is closed with a ribbon. 


Online course box making box with a fitted lid

course box with A hinged lid

A box with a hinged lid has one tray with a lid and spine that is attached to the tray.

 The box can be opened with a grosgrain ribbon.


Online course box making box with a hinged lid

course folio

A folio is a hard covered portfolio with interior pockets.

The folio can be closed with a silk ribbon.



A portfolio is constructed with pages bound between hard covers.

The portfolio can be bound with ribbon or screws for functionality and elegance.


new online courses coming this year

course box with telescoped lid 'shoebox'

A box with telescoped lid or a 'classic shoebox' is a two piece box with a telescoped lid.

course folder

A folder is a hard covered portfolio with an accordion hinge.

The folder is closed with a ribbon.


one to one course

make a box, folio or portfolio live with me on Zoom

In this one to one course you will make a box, folio or portfolio live with me on Zoom.

On Zoom you can follow what I do by means of a camera that is placed above my work table.

You can ask me questions and I can show you exactly what I do.


Photo: Malin Palm Vestlund

course box with fitted lid


I loved every part of the course from The Cartonnerie!

From when the supplies arrived, packed so beautifully and then to follow the instructions that were so easy to understand -

and the end result is just gorgeous.

I love my box and will definitely keep making them.


Malin Palm Vestlund, Studio Brandis

design & letterpress printing

starter kits & tools

starter kits and tools to start your CARTONNAGE adventure

about sabrine

I started The Cartonnerie in 2003. I always wanted to do something creative, but I spent a long time searching for what kind of creativity, until I went to a box making workshop, also called 'French cartonnage'. Since then I have been designing and making boxes, folders and (port)folios by hand. In my studio I design all designs myself. I love a challenge, so I like it when clients have their own ideas. These assignments are the most fun!


The base of my designs is greyboard sheets. I cut this board to size and then assemble it. I then line the design with linen or velvet and personalize it with foil press. In this way I can design everything myself and I’m not limited by a standard size. This means that every design is unique and original and completely handmade!


I work with FSC certified greyboard and paper, linen made from natural fibres, water based glue and I try to recycle as much waste and packages as possible. I also separate the paper waste. I feel it’s important to contribute to the environment in a positive way with my studio and not to overburden it. I also buy a lot of products from Dutch suppliers in order to support them.


I love to teach you my beautiful craft!