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Cartonnage is the art of crafting boxes and designs with its origins in the 18th century.

Since 2003 I have been reinventing the artisanal savoir-faire of cartonnage

in respect of the traditional techniques inherited from the master makers of the 18th century.


My mission is to complement and elevate the work of brands that embrace elegance, fine art and heritage.

To enrich your work through custom boxes and designs that make meaningful impact

and authentic connection with clients that love what you do.


COURSES & workshops BOX MAKING & cartonnage

If you want to learn how to craft a box, folio & portfolio,

perhaps to add cartonnage to your offer as a designer,

you can follow one or more of my online courses or workshops.

No experience is necessary, just the joy of learning a new craft! 

Course box making and French cartonnage

masterclass box making & cartonnage

The masterclass is to help you refine and elevate your box making & cartonnage skills.

During the masterclass hosted live on Zoom, we can refine your skills by looking at different parts of the craft process.

If you want to design a new cartonnage product for your business, I can help you with the first designing steps.

To follow the masterclass, you must have some experience with cartonnage.

COMMISSIONED boxes & designs

The boxes and designs I craft are with a reverence for craftsmanship and executed with elegance.

With my handcrafted designs I would like to add elegance, quality, visibility and value to your business.

I design and craft boxes & designs that reflect the real purpose of your business and bring it to the next level.

You will attract your ideal client, create an indelible client experience and distinguish your work from others in your field. 

Folio box for prints and USB lined with seychelle velvet and closed with a silk ribbon
Keepsake folder for wedding invitations lined with flax linen and closed with a silk ribbon
Keepsake box for wedding invitations lined with flax linen and foil pressed logo
Keepsake box for wedding invitations lined with seychelle velvet, closed with a silk ribbon and foil pressed logo

Course box making and French cartonnage

I started The Cartonnerie in 2003. I always wanted to do something creative, but I spent a long time searching for what kind of creativity, until I went to a box making workshop, also called 'French cartonnage'. I've been making custom boxes and designs by hand in a traditional way ever since.


The base of my designs is carton, greyboard sheets. I cut this board to size and then assemble it. After that I line the design with linen or velvet and personalize it with a foil pressed text or logo. I work with FSC certified greyboard and paper, linen made from natural fibres, water based glue and I try to recycle as much waste and packages as possible.


Besides designing and crafting boxes and designs, I love to teach you how to craft your own box, folio & portfolio. You can follow one or more of my online courses or workshops. No experience is necessary, just the joy of learning a new craft!

kind words

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Sabrine's courses are amazing!

They are very easy to follow, along with the instruction videos and handouts. It might take some more time if you decide to create a hinged box in a different size than the course (like I did right from the start, as I wanted to challenge myself a bit having some experience in bookbinding), but she gives all information you need to know to create beautiful packaging. I truly love this craft and am inspired to keep creating more!


I was looking for something very special and high end for when a client first unveils their wedding invitations, something we have spent weeks creating for them. Sabrine did not disappoint, the craftsmanship on our boxes was second to none and anyone that comes in contact with one is blown away by their sheer beauty. Our expectations have been exceeded and the quality of her work is just impeccable, we are in awe! 



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