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It is such a joy working with Sabrine.

She created the most exquisite keepsake boxes for my clients' invitation suites,

and they are the most lovely quality.

She took my vision for a box that would reflect my branding and executed it perfectly.

Not only are they beautiful, each box is made perfectly and without a flaw.

I am so proud to send my work to my clients in The Cartonnerie's linen keepsake boxes

and will continue to maintain this partnership with Sabrine, not only because of the high quality of her products,

but because working with her was so easy and refreshing.



I absolutely loved following Sabrine's workshop in-person!

It surprised me that I was able to make a luxury box in a short period of time under her guidance. 

We both were making a box with a hinged lid and ribbon closing, and during the workshop I was in awe of Sabrine's knowledge and craftsmanship. As we were creating our boxes, she gave me tips and pointers that would elevate the end product, which is a result of her own years of experience. If you are thinking of learning how to craft a beautiful box from Sabrine, definitely do it! If you are local, or traveling to The Netherlands, I would highly recommend opting for an in-person workshop, private or as a group. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!



I was looking for something very special and high end for when

a client first unveils their wedding invitations, something we have spent weeks creating for them.

Sabrine did not disappoint, the craftsmanship on our boxes was second to none

and anyone that comes in contact with one is blown away by their sheer beauty.

Our expectations have been exceeded and the quality of her work is just impeccable, we are in awe!



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