course portfolio

with a screw & ribbon binding



A portfolio is constructed with pages bound between hard covers.

The portfolio can be bound with ribbon or screws for functionality and elegance.

The course consists of

- an instruction book with pictures and instructions of all the steps (English, pdf)

- instruction videos

- lifetime support & feedback via email


No previous experience necessary.


The price of a course


€ 169


There's a list in the instruction book with the materials and tools you need per course,

but you can purchase them with your course.


Course bundles

2 courses (15% discount)

3 courses (20% discount)

4 courses (25% discount)


Starter kit

cut to size grayboard & linen (in the color you prefer).


€ 25



glue, roller & tray, brush, 3 metal rulers, corner cutter, teflon folder, 3 snap-off knifes & refills, and tapes

The tools come in a beautiful cotton bag.


€ 95 


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Below you see an example of a page of the instruction book and video from the course.

Each step with a photo and a few instructions.

The book is complementary to the instruction videos.