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course clamshell box


In this course you will learn how to make a clamshell box.

A clamshell box is constructed with two trays that fold into each other.

It's a beautiful and elegant design that can be used for packing,

 presenting and preserving your work. 

Course box making and French cartonnage

the course

The instruction book with pictures of all the steps and the instruction videos on YouTube,

will help you to learn how to craft the design in just a few steps.

You can work through the courses at a pace that suits you.


The course includes:

- an instruction book with pictures and instructions of all the steps (English, pdf)

- instruction videos

  - support & feedback via email 


No previous experience necessary,

just the joy of learning a new craft!

instruction book & videos


Below you see an example of a page of the instruction book and video from the course folio.

Each step with a photo and a few instructions.

The book is complementary to the instruction videos.


Course box making and French cartonnage

materials & tools to add to your course

Prices are exclusive of VAT (EU) & shipping costs


starter kit

€ 25 | $ 27 | £ 22

Cut-to-size greyboard with linen

(ivory or flax), and ribbon, book screws or magnets depending on the course

my 4 favorite tools

€ 55 | $ 60 | £ 48

Course box making and French cartonnage

A bag filled with a corner cutter, teflon folder, greyboard spacer and a rubber to remove dried glue on linen

bag with tools

€ 115 | $ 125 | £ 100

Course box making and French cartonnage

A bag filled with glue, roller & tray, brush, 3 metal rulers, corner cutter, teflon folder, snap-off knife, rubber,

greyboard spacer, cloth and tapes

your investment

€ 195 | $ 212 | £ 170


Price is exclusive VAT (EU) & shipping costs 


Photos: Pen to Paper





Sabrine's courses are amazing! They are very easy to follow, along with the instruction videos and handouts.


It might take some more time if you decide to create a hinged box in a different size than the course (like I did right from the start, as I wanted to challenge myself a bit having some experience in bookbinding), but she gives all information you need to know to create beautiful packaging.

I truly love this craft and am inspired to keep creating more!



I loved every part of the course from The Cartonnerie!

From when the supplies arrived, packed so beautifully and then to follow the instructions that were so easy to understand and the end result is just gorgeous. I love my box and will definitely keep making them.



Your courses have helped me refine my skills of cartonnage over the last several years

which in turn have also helped me teach my assistant as well!

I love being able to create everything bespoke for my couples, even their keepsake boxes!



I ordered all courses from The Cartonnerie. The journey in learning these new skills has been absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it. The video and picture pdf guide were a perfect bundle to guide a course taker through the entire project. They were clear, concise and easy to understand. The final products look beautiful! Being able to give a touch of elegance|luxury, and overall elevate my simple wedding stationery and pictures made a remarkable difference.

I am looking forward to taking more courses with Sabrine and The Cartonnerie!



 Sabrine's course is fantastic! I was hesitant to invest the money into something I felt I could figure out on my own but I'm glad I made the purchase. Her instructions are detailed and the video is soothing to watch. I've made several of the hinged boxes and they turn out beautiful due to her course. I hope to purchase additional courses in the future.