consultancy FOR FEMALE creatives


In this consultancy session I help you to look at your craft,

discover how you can hone it, and completely align it with who you are as an artisan,

and how this can elevate your business.


The sessions are for you if you are a creative entrepreneur or craftswoman of handcrafted designs,

a few years in business, that want to enrich your business through your work

that make meaningful impact and authentic connection with clients that love what you do.


You are convinced there is more potential in your creative business,

but find it difficult to elevate your work and implement this in your business.


I've worked with wedding invitation designers, floral designers, bridal designers,

wedding cake designers, jewelry designers.

Mentoring for female creatives
Mentoring for female creatives

the sessions

In the sessions...


... we can look into your MAGIC and determine your NICHE, IDEAL CLIENT and CREATIVE STYLE.

When you own your niche, it’s easy for others to recommend you to the right clients.

You don’t need to be all things to all people, you just need to be irresistible to your ideal client.

When you hone and own a clear, unique and distinctive creative style it’s easy for your ideal clients to spot your work

and it’s almost impossible for them to work with anyone else.

When someone falls for what you do, be it brand design, floristry or photography,

your work becomes irresistible and that’s a great place to be.



... we can go through your PORTFOLIO, website, social media, quotations, flyers and more

to see if these reflect this creative style and if they attract your ideal client.

Perhaps you need to adjust a few things to make sure these align with your work.

A well edited, tightly curated portfolio builds confidence in what you do.

It showcases your creative flair and gives potential clients the reassurance that you can deliver what they are looking for.

A bit of everything shows versatility for sure, but will never attract those clients who really value what you’re best at.

As a result, you’ll be missing massive creative opportunities and won’t have the chance to stretch and grow your talents.



... we can look at what you CHARGE and focus on delivering value.

We'll dive into your pricing. Your price needs to reflect the value that your work adds.

It needs to reflect the work, expertise and experience you bring.

It needs to reflect what the market will bear and it needs to always deliver value for money.



The sessions can be in English or Dutch.

your investment

This consultancy starts with a minimum of 1 month of consultancy (2 session of 2 hours).

During this month I am completely at your disposal. In addition to the session,

you can app me, but you can also forward documents for feedback.

Every month you decide whether you want to renew with a new month.

With some clients I work in this way for two months, with others for six months.


 Your investment for a one month consultancy is


 € 425 | $ 458 | £ 369


Prices are exclusive of VAT if applicable (EU)


kind words

I was serving too many clients and had lost focus of what I wanted to do with my craft.

Sabrine helped me to get clarity in my business and we determined my niche and ideal client.

We adjusted my portfolio, website and social media to get it cohesive.

Thank you Sabrine for your advice!




In the past months, Sabrine has helped me to really hone my craft.

Sabrine is a super nice and inspiring consultant, who not only thinks along with you on a conceptual level,

but is also very strong in honing your craft, making your craft visible, and telling your brand story in an authentic way.

Without Sabrine, I'm sure I would have put off my new business plans even longer.

Dear Sabrine, thank you for all your help!


Mentoring for female creatives
Mentoring for female creatives

get in touch

 If you’d like to find out more about the sessions, please fill out the contact form.

You can also send an email to


 Looking forward to hearing from you,



Mentoring for female creatives

I'm a consultant for female creatives. Since I've started my creative business back in 2003, I've read a lot of books, followed many courses and masterclasses on running my creative business, how to attract my ideal client and be profitable.


I took the best of each book, course and masterclass, and incorporated it into my own business. Details that best fitted my authenticity and creativity.


As your consultant I want to help you identify your strengths and challenge you to build upon other key skills. We'll work together to map out which skills you need to hone and make a plan of how you can achieve them.