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Build and elevate your artisan brand in a REFINED and autentic way



Artisan is something clients recognize you as.

It is an authentic narrative about the materials used and the special process used to create the designs.

Remember, it is a story of culture (how it’s made) and nature (what it’s made of).

Source: The Hartman Group




Let your work do the work for you! Be brilliant at what you do!

Hone your craft. Invest in your creativity. Develop your portfolio and showcase to the world what you are really capable of.

Remove anything that detracts from your credibility.


Share your work with passion and flair. Showcase what you did behind the scenes. Explain why you did what you did.

Share your journey, tell your story, start a conversation and build a connection with your clients.


Work with clients on projects that build your confidence. That elevate your vision. That spark your creativity.

That you can look back on with pride. And always, always do the best work you possibly can.

Go all out every time. Showcase what you are capable of and surprise and delight your client.

These are the things that build a sustainable business.


Its all about owning it. About working from a place of strength, confidence and utter uniqueness rather than looking over your shoulder at what everyone else is up to. And it starts with your magic.


But remember that you need to communicate your artisan brand in the right way,

so your clients know exactly what you can do for them when they come across your work.


Let me help you find the right elements for you artisan brand,

so you don't have to worry about these anymore, and can focus on making exquisite work!

Mentoring program for creative female entrepreneurs

the sessions


If you're just starting your artisan business, or you want to take it to the next level, I can help you both.


When you want to start your artisan business, I can help you find your unique handcrafted product,

define your ideal client, build your portfolio, create your brand styling,

present your work on your website and on social media.


When you're a few years in business, and you want to take it to the next level, or you want to refine it,

because sales are staying behind, I can help you to really hone your craft,

refine and inspire your ideal client, make quotations that turn into orders, and charge what you're worth.


To make the most of our time, we will meet face-to-face on a Zoom call that will be recorded for you to refer back to whenever you may need. I will guide you, support you, share with you everything that I have learned, and push you out of your comfort zone.

You will leave our session with an actionable list of next steps to move forward with implementing the goals and strategies we discussed. 


The sessions can be in English or Dutch. 

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The sessions can be booked individually or in 3, 5, and 10 hour packages for the best value.


In this 1-hour session call we will be able to cover one to two topics.


€ 300 | $ 305 | £ 255


In these three 1-hour session calls we will be able to cover 3-4 topics.


€ 830 | $ 844 | £ 705


In these five 1-hour session calls we will be able to cover 4-5 topics in depth.


€ 1270 | $ 1291 | £ 1079


In these ten 1-hour session calls we will be able to cover your entire plan to elevate your creative business.

€ 2300 | $ 2338 | £ 1955


Prices are exclusive of VAT if applicable

With five and ten sessions, it's possible to pay in installments

kind words

My journey with Sabrine was one that brought me back to my base, to my essence, my craft. Everything made me feel that my business was ready for the next level, but my current way of working didn't feel right, not in line with myself. Besides the practical tools that Sabrine has given me, she is able to give words to the future version of yourself and your artisan business.

Insanely throbbing and spot on! She also let me focus on what my strengths are and how I can use them for my business.

I now trust on them and see the future of my craft business with so much more confidence.

Thank you, Sabrine!

Susanne, ceramist



Sabrine has helped me to set up my company completely differently.

She is a super nice and inspiring mentor, who not only thinks along with you on a conceptual level,

but is also very strong in honing your craft, make your craft visible, and tell your brand story in an authentic way.

Without Sabrine, I'm sure I would have put off my plans to elevate my artisan business even longer.

Dear Sabrine, thank you for all your help!

Catherine, jewelry designer

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Mentor for creative female entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm a mentor for artisan brands, and I help you to nurture your creativity, hone your craft and strive for excellence for your ideal client, in a refined and authentic way.


Since I've started back in 2003, I've read a lot of books, followed many courses and master classes on running my artisan brand.


I took the best of each book, course and master class, and incorporated it into my own creative business. Details that best fitted my authenticity and creativity.


With this gained knowledge and these skills I want to help you elevate or start your artisan brand.