More than just packaging solutions

Packaging is often associated with volatile, something that you throw away after opening it.


Packaging is often made by machine and produced in larger quantities.


My designs are completely handcrafted with the most durable materials and care for our planet. You can have them made in small quantities, so you can change the design easily if you want to. 


My designs are meant for so much more than just packaging. They are part of your product or service and are intended to present and preserve the memories you make, now and to pass on to the next generation.  They should be cherished and bring back lovely memories every time they are looked at and opened.


As a photographer, a stationery designer, a jewelry designer or other creative, you want to present and preserve the memories you create as beautifully as possible. Matching your creative style and brand styling. With that in mind I design and craft your custom designs.


Do you agree that the memories you make should be presented and preserved for the future in the most elegant and heirloom way?


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